Fresh Links Sundae – August 12, 2012 Edition

Fresh Links Sundae encapsulates some pieces of information I have come across during the past week. They maybe ITSM related or not entirely. Often they are from the people whose work resonates with me, and I hope you will find something of value.

With big data being a popular IT topic these days, Bob Lewis offers two approaches on how to get your big data initiative off the ground. You want big data? Here’s your big data (InfoWorld)

Rob England is excited about COBIT 5, and he tells us why. COBIT5 (The IT Skeptic)

Leveraging ideas from Ron Kaufman’s recent book “Uplifting Service,” Don Tennant talks about some approaches for dealing with difficult people. Building a Service Culture Requires Dealing with ‘Difficult’ Employees (From Under the Rug)

Referring to the recent software incident from Knight Capital, Brian Barnier gives three suggestions on what enterprise leaders can do to avoid future surprises and similar risks. 440 million reasons to learn to three IT risk lessons (ISACA Now)

If you are working on putting together a problem management process for your organization, Alicia Choo posts a couple of sample documents that may help in your endeavor. My take on ITSM and IT Governance: Problem Management (Choofca’s Brain Dump)

With today’s fast changing work and career landscape, Peter Weddles suggests the notion of “career athlete” and why it is important to leverage such mentality for successful career self-management. Recast Yourself as a Career Athlete (WorkStrong)

While promotion can be an effective mean to reward a high performer in IT, Patrick Gray explains why some ill-conceived promotions are diminishing an employee’s contribution to the organization. Death by promotion (TechRepublic)

Although hiring is one of the most important things managers do, Alison Green explains why some faulty interview techniques are preventing the hiring managers from getting the best candidates. 10 Mistakes You’re Making When You Interview Job Candidates (The Fast Track)

A true test of leadership is the quality of the followers, Jim Taggart talks about what four innate attributes can affect our leadership effectiveness. What’s Your Leadership Truthiness Quotient? (ChangingWinds)

Instead of waiting for a solution that fits exactly to the problem that you are working on, Seth Godin advocates taking the steps to solve problems by leveraging solutions from similar (but not exact) problems. Analogies, metaphors and your problem (Seth’s Blog)