The Fear of Being Wrong

Learning to program is not easy.

You can be on the top of your mental condition. You type, double-check, and triple-check your code and syntax. You believe you have been as thorough as you can possibly be.

One missing semi-colon. One misplaced comma. One neglected closing parenthesis or bracket. One incorrectly indented statement. The computer barks back and coldly point out your mistake.

Worse sometimes, the code executed but the results were totally not what you had expected. You tried to look for where it had gone wrong, and the computer just sat by and watched you sweat.

The computer seems to say… Hey, you wrote the code, so you figure it out! You feel even a machine is criticizing your apparent incompetence.

But to let that fear hold you back from even starting to program, that is a bigger shame.

So, go ahead and start. Be wrong, plenty of time, and learn. No one else will be criticizing — it is just a dumb machine.