Golf and Tennis

Both golf and tennis are competitive sports. Many people play the games, but there are only so many highly-skilled players. Both sports involve hitting a small object with an apparatus, but it takes two different approaches to succeed in them. Playing great golf takes a well-executed process. When the process of swinging is executed consistently […]

IT Change Management Now

I gave my initial thoughts about the ITIL change management process and how the environment might be different today than when it was first designed back in the 90s. Some argue that ITIL change management process is outdated for today’s fast-moving environment. Many are seeking answers to managing changes. The newer approaches of Agile and […]

IT Change Management Then

Change management in IT can be a difficult topic for organizations to deal with it. Many of us in IT do not like how the ITIL change management is implemented in their organization. It is too bureaucratic. It is too inflexible. It is too restrictive. Another word, it does not add value to what we […]

Review of Plus! The Standard+Case Approach

Rob England’s “Plus! The Standard+Case Approach” book is another way of looking at how we can better manage and deliver IT services to the organization. In general, I like the concepts and the principles presented in the book. Specifically, Rob did an admirable job explaining his Standard+Case model in detail: how the model works, when […]

Retaining Knowledge Workers

In addition to generating results, hiring and retaining people is another key, critical task of management. From my own experience of managing technical professionals, I have the following three general observations. First, knowledge workers appreciate knowing what the organization wants to accomplish and where it would like to go. They calibrate their output to try […]

Machine, Platform, Crowd

Some important lessons I learned by watching “Business Success in the Second Machine Age” by Andrew McAfee. Drivers of the technology surge we are seeing today A little new science – most advances have been built on top of theories or techniques that have been around for years Rapid advance in computing power Explosion of […]

Data, Analytics, Decisions

A typical workflow will show data often lead to analytics, which in turn lead into decision-making. While that might make sense when data are what we have on-hand, and we ask ourselves… What can we do with the data? Perhaps it is more instructive to look at the workflow in reverse. The more critical, first […]

Solving Interesting Problems

Some points I learned from watching “EAC Panel on AI and Jobs” on YouTube. The trend of hollowing of the “middle paying” jobs is real. One prominent example is the manufacturing sector where output has been increasing while employment has been decreasing. American middle class has been built largely on repetitive work, either physically or […]