What rope is pulling on you?

The most popular stars in the traveling circus are their elephants, and the tour is always attracting countless children’s attention. One day a teenager, who wanted to take a closer look of the elephant, went to the circus backstage. He was surprised to find that the elephant was tied to a piece of wood by an ordinary rope.

The young man curiously asked the trainer: “Sir, why do you only need a rope to be able to subdue such a huge elephant? Won’t they just pull hard on the rope and escape?”

The trainer smiled and replied. “When these animals were still young and small, we lock them up with a large metal chain. Every time the animal tried to escape, they would pull the chain very hard and that caused a lot of pain. After a long time and many tries later, the animal learned it is useless to pull hard and try to escape. Now we only have to use a simple rope because they no longer believe they can escape.”

In our life, we are often our own worst enemy. We were taught to be compliant and to rely heavily on past ideas and experience.

When the world changes, we were still bonded by following the system that no longer works and trying to hang on to the status quo.

Breaking free from the old system is never easy but necessary. What rope is tying you up and keeping you from exploring the new frontier?