Taking on the Gig

A Warrior without a King Four questions a professional must ask before taking on a gig for free… Do they pay other people to do this work? If not, Will I be learning enough to consider it part of my education? Is it public work with my name on it? Is there a history of […]

New Knowledge

Many believe that innovation is all about the discovery and application of new knowledge. For all the visibility, glamour, and importance of science-based innovation, Peter Drucker, however, believed new knowledge is actually the least reliable and least predictable factor for innovation. Knowledge-based innovation also has the longest lead-time of any innovation. Another potential complication to […]


(從我的一個喜歡與尊敬的作家,賽斯 高汀) 如果你想做一些改變或做一些重要的事情,你的工夫將被某些人給排斥。這是很自然的事實。 那然後你下一步會做什麼呢? (1)確定為什麼你被拒絕,你的建議不管用,你沒有權利,沒有立場,也沒有希望。你只有決定退出,低著頭去做別人要你去做的事。 (2)意識到可能發生的是你問錯了人,那個人想從你得到的東西,不是你想要出產的東西。你再看看你的工作上的需要和認可,決心做一個更好的工作,。 (3)你明白你並沒有溝通一個有共鳴的故事,你所花的工夫,你作業的細節,你的承諾,有那方面沒有共鳴。弄清楚是什麼原因,學習去下一次做得更好。 (4)假設無論是誰讓你失望,忽略你或與你不同意見的人都是愚蠢的。不虛心學習但也堅持不懈的繼續做。 在我的經驗中, 2和3是最有可能讓你達到你的目的地的路徑。用你的毅力和彈力去避免第一條途徑。而第四條道路則是為了超人或是怨天尤人者而保留的。

Changes in Perception

Strictly from a mathematics perspective, there is no difference between the notions of “the glass is half full” and “the glass is half empty.” To most people, these two statements represent totally different meanings, as well as their consequences. Peter Drucker believed if general perception changes from seeing the glass as “half full” to seeing […]


Demographics are defined as changes in population, its size, age structure, composition, employment, educational status, and income. Of all external sources of innovation, Peter Drucker believed that changes in Demographics are the clearest. They are unambiguous, and they often have the most predictable consequences. Demographic shifts may be inherently unpredictable, yet they do have long […]

Industry and Market Structure

Peter Drucker described the market and industry structures as a source of innovation opportunity as “brittle.” He argued that one small scratch and they disintegrate, often quite fast. Often industry and market structures appear so solid that the people in an industry consider the structure to have the ever-lasting enduring power. Think about the US […]


(從我的一個喜歡與尊敬的作家,賽斯 高汀) 我們有一句話最恰當的形容一個無成果的努力去找尋完美:那就叫完美主義。 當我們把某一件事弄的很愚蠢性的簡單以獲得批准時,我們有一個詞去形容我們在做什麼:那叫做委員會。 但是,當我們努力的想去做一件很重要的事情,一件能持續以久的事情,一件很值得的事情,我們又稱之為什麼呢? 我們時常會把一件事情看作只是一次性的性質,一個臨時的解決方案,一件事能做得便宜又快捷,能承擔的責任是越少越好。 但是也許下一件事我們該做的是 一件能持續以久的事情。也許就像一本六十年前寫的一個出名的小說,還是來自1960年的唱片專輯,甚至一百年後的熨斗大廈。 他們都是歷久不衰的例子。 也許我們需要並不的是更多的摩光與潤色,我們需要的是更多的膽量與勇氣。 面對現狀,為自己負責去掌握它,跨出值得的下一步。

Process Need

The unexpected success, unexpected failure, and incongruity as sources for innovation are opportunity driven. Peter Drucker discussed the “process need” opportunity as anchored by the old proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Everybody in the organization always recognizes the need for robust processes. Yet it is usually very hard for the process needs to […]