Process Need

The unexpected success, unexpected failure, and incongruity as sources for innovation are opportunity driven.

Peter Drucker discussed the “process need” opportunity as anchored by the old proverb, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Everybody in the organization always recognizes the need for robust processes. Yet it is usually very hard for the process needs to be addressed fully.

However, when the innovation appears, the improved process is immediately accepted as “obvious” and soon becomes “standard.”

Drucker described that the process innovation starts with the job to be done and requires the presence of five basic criteria:

  • a self-contained process
  • a weak or missing link
  • a clear definition of the objectives
  • clearly defined specifications for the solution
  • widespread realization that there ought to be a better way.

To innovate around a process need is to define a process in your organization that has a missing link.

Address the five criteria by articulating the process itself, the objectives of the process, the level of awareness of the existence of a missing link, the missing link, and the designs for a solution.