Incongruity, another one of the sources for innovation discussed by Peter Drucker, can indicate an underlying “fault.” This “fault” is essentially a discrepancy between “what is” and what “ought to be.” Incongruity can take place within an industry, a market, and a process. Sometimes, the incongruity may be visible to the people within or close […]


(從我的一個喜歡與尊敬的作家,賽斯 高汀) 當有人停下車讓你把車開進入交通流量,或是把著門讓你進出,或者花一點時間來與你打招呼時,我們可以用微笑並揮揮手做一個響應。 這絕對不會造成你任何的損失。 這通常還會創造了一種有連接的感覺,這是值得的。 這會使我們將來更有可能善對待別人。 這也很可能會讓你的一天變的更燦爛。 當你在經歷一個艱難的一天,最簡單的解藥就是表現慷慨。 揮揮手是免費的,而微笑也是一個不可抗拒的獎勵。

Unexpected Failure

Just like the unexpected success, Peter Drucker advocated that unexpected failure also should be considered a symptom of an innovative opportunity. Many failures often are nothing but human mistakes, the results of greed, impulsiveness, thoughtless groupthink, or incompetence. Yet if something fails despite being carefully planned, thoughtfully designed, and conscientiously executed, that failure often can […]

Unexpected Success

Peter Drucker talked about seven sources of innovation opportunities, and unexpected success was one of the sources. Drucker also indicated that often managements tend to neglect it or actively reject it. Compared to the other six categories of innovative opportunities, capitalizing on the unexpected success is arguably the least risky and requires the least additional […]

Systematic Innovation

Peter Drucker described systematic innovation as the process of monitoring seven sources for an innovative opportunity. The first four sources are internal within the organization: The unexpected events – the unexpected success and the unexpected failure; Incongruity — between reality as it is and reality as it is assumed to be or as it “ought […]


(從我的一個喜歡與尊敬的作家,賽斯 高汀) 我們都知道你的客戶可以忍受你一些不完美的地方,但有一件事情他們最希望能從你看到的還是你的關心與在意。 營銷人員不斷會做出最完美的承諾,一個機構也會盡力去保持這些承諾。但遲早一天有些無法達到的承諾還是會讓客戶失望。 在那一刻,客戶最想要的還是有人在乎他們的處境。 最基本的是,關心與在意應該是一個機構一貫的作為。 有一個錯誤的想法是關心客戶一定要是完全發自內心。另一個錯誤的想法是如果你不能感受實際上的關心,那意味著你根本不應該去嘗試關心。 當一位天王巨星出現在舞台上時,觀眾都會想要相信她每天都會像第一次開幕式一樣的激動和興奮。她可能會,也許不會。但重要的是我們做觀眾的只看見一個關心我們的人,為她的觀眾做出最精彩的表現。 如果你由衷的關心與在乎,那是在好不過了。如果你沒有那個感覺,至少目前做出一些表面上行動。這對你也許很困難,但是這是你必須要做的工作。 事實上,專業人士一直在做的都是情緒上的勞動。他們永遠提供他們自己專業能力上的最佳版本。 以你的努力和一致性的行為做代表,因為你的客戶需要你。

Organized Improvement

It seems intuitive and logical that continuous improvements in any area eventually transform the operation. Just about anything an organization does internally and externally can and needs to be improved systematically and continuously. The performance of marketing, production processes, service management, technology, training and people can all be improved over time with available, relevant information. […]

Exploiting Success

Peter Drucker believed that the first — and usually the best — opportunity for successful change is to exploit one’s own successes and to build on them. No organization can afford to ignore problems, and they need to prioritize with taking care of the serious problems first. But to bring about changes, organizations must focus […]