A Warrior without a King People do things primarily for an emotional reason; secondary comes logic. A professional knows that, for her work to matter enough, she needs to create a movement of change that would resonate with the people she seeks to connect. She knows she needs to create a movement so a tribe […]


(從我的一個喜歡與尊敬的作家,賽斯 高汀) 不要被困於與接受從別人來的羞辱,他也許是在試圖阻止你做一些你有權力做的事情。 忽略那些想要分類你因為你格格不入的人,分類的說法很少是永久性的,有時候最重要的工作會由那些外界的人來完成的。 你要意識到沒有人會比你更了解你自己的小缺陷。 沒有人會注意到你牙齒上的小小的缺陷,或者是你的鞋帶看起來不一致。 別人的恐懼不一定是你的恐懼,除非你想要它。 不要用時間和金錢來掩蓋你自己不安全的感覺。 當對你自己有疑問的時候,做一些對別人慷慨的事情。 它通常是最好的方法。


A Warrior without a King A professional knows people buy things mostly based on emotional reasons. Even a mundane purchase like buy eggs, the buying choices seems to be infinite. Do you want eggs from chickens that were fed organic? How about chickens not caged and free-range? How about chickens with no added hormones and […]


A Warrior without a King I was born in the 60’s and grew up being taught to stick with the system. If you work hard and follow the career model laid out by the system, the system will take care of you, and your family. Now fast forward 50 years later, that “system” is rapidly […]


(從我的一個喜歡與尊敬的作家,賽斯 高汀) 我有一次曾經以每小時以一百英里的速度從大學開車回家。這高速節省了我兩個小時。 我的舊車開的幾乎快拋錨了,一旦我自己從車裡爬出來,我累的幾乎說不出話。 這是最大的速度,但這並不一定是最佳的開法。 一個系統會具有它最佳性能的狀態。這種狀態會允許很多元素(包括人類)去做最好的工作,去堅持操作下去,與去避免倦怠或是災難性的決定。 最大化的一個定義是:短期內提高輸出的水平,其中有些零件會降級,但短期中性能會很高。 資本主義有時會尋求競爭上最大化。 誰在乎你或是那個零件是否會燒掉了,我只需要更換另一個零件就可以繼續。 但這不是對待我們關心的人的好方法,也不是我們能所依賴的系統。 作為一個尋求創造事業的貢獻者,您可以在開發中選擇你獨特的資產,因為該資產可讓您在系統中選擇適合優化的利基。


A Warrior without a King A professional stands out with the craft she practices. A craft needs to reach certain before other would consider it outstanding and unique. Leveling up the craft obviously require investment in time and money. A professional invests in her craft wisely, so she can maximize the change and impact the […]


A Warrior without a King James Taylor with his guitar. Billy Joel with his piano. Yo-Yo Ma with his cello. Each one of these musicians is considered the top professional in their own instrument. We have all been given one. They picked up theirs and made history with what they were given. Each of us […]


A Warrior without a King An amateur would take a feedback for improvement as a criticism. A criticism that says, “You work is not good enough, so take it back and do a better job.” That amateur might work on an improvement but still be thinking the feedback as an attack on his hard work. A […]