Learning to Become a Pro, Part 10

In the book, Turning Pro, author Steven Pressfield talked about what separates amateurs from professionals and how a professional became who they are.

I will write about what these aspects mean to me personally.

The professional does not wait for inspiration

The pro does not carpool with inspiration and simply shows up to work. He knows that, only by being there and working away, the goddess of inspiration will pay him a visit.

The professional does not give his power away to others

The pro recognizes that his power, no matter how little or insignificant to begin with, is his own to keep. He may seek outside wisdom from time to time, but the pro always maintains a full governance of himself inside.

The professional helps others

The pro loves to share what he knows. Sharing is not to create fame for himself but to elevate all others who choose to turn pro. The pro believes in the ideal of the “a rising tide lifts all boats.” Through sharing expertise and helping others, the pro learns even more about the subject, the other pros, and himself.