Bootstrapping Rule 2 of 9

In 1998, author Seth Godin published the book, “The Bootstrapper’s Bible.” A few years later, he posted a manifesto based on the book. Here are the takeaway lessons I picked up from reading the book.



Survival is Success

Starting a business can experience a steep learning curve before the business becomes self-sustaining.

In the beginning, it is tempting to be choosy about the projects and customers you take on, staying true to the mission and not straying off course or getting distracted.

Be selective and disciplined. The discipline of generating cash flow and capitalizing the grander, future opportunities will keep you fighting another day.

While you are keeping things afloat, continue to work on building your skills, your reputation, and your assets. New opportunities will arise.

Many start-ups go under within several years. This reality makes those who are still in the game, a winner. Sometimes money now is better than money later.

In the end, do not be in the game just to survive. But do not waste too much time waiting for the perfect pitch before you swing your bat either.