Bootstrapping Rule 8 of 9

In 1998, author Seth Godin published the book, “The Bootstrapper’s Bible.” A few years later, he posted a manifesto based on the book. Here are the takeaway lessons I picked up from reading the book.

Get Mentored

When bootstrapping, there is no shame to seek out help so that you do not struggle alone.

Finding the right person in the right industry at the right stage of her career takes some initiative and homework.

Seth had the following recommendations in acquiring a mentor:

  1. Pick an effective mentor. Mentoring should be convenient so that both the mentor and mentee can get the most out of the experience.The mentor also should have the life experience and a network of connections that can help your bootstrapping effort.
  2. Make it easy for the mentor to say Yes and to say or No. As the bootstrapper, you are asking for help so be gracious when the mentor says Yes or No. Always show gratitude after receiving help. Never become a burden for the mentor.
  3. Never ask for resources that aremore than advice. Do not ask for freebies, and never ask for financial resources.