Our Enemies

In the book, Do the Work, Steven Pressfield talks about the self-sabotage we do to ourselves and what to do to overcome that self-sabotage. Here are my reflections on the topic in the book.

Pressfield outlined three common enemies who can stop aspiring artists and entrepreneurs in their tracks.

The first and the most formidable is the “Resistance.”

The book, The War of Art, has an in-depth description of this monster we face on a daily basis.

Resistance is the negative force that aims to distract us and prevent us from doing our work.

Resistance rears its head when we try to undertake or accomplish work that can be about long-term benefits in growth, health, and integrity.

Resistance is invisible, implacable, infallible, and powerful.

Resistance aims to kill our aspirations and is fueled by fear.

Resistance is also insidious and tries to enlist two other partners in crime to defeat us.

The first partner is rational thoughts.

Rational thoughts more often stop, rather than facilitate artistic or entrepreneurial efforts.

We should do our work and keep our rational mindset in check.

Not controlled by rational thoughts is not to say we need to be reckless. Rather, we will watch out for Resistance wearing the rational clothing.

The other enemy is the friends and family. Most would want us to succeed. Some would want us to remain who we are.

To do important work is to make changes. Being status quo might please some friends and family members, but that is not who we are striving to be.

Here are the three enemies: Resistance, rational thoughts, friends and family.