Our Allies

In the book, Do the Work, Steven Pressfield talks about the self-sabotage we do to ourselves and what to do to overcome that self-sabotage. Here are my reflections on the topic in the book.

We talked about the three enemies: Resistance, rational thoughts, friends and family.

Are we doomed to fail in this internal civil war that wages within us every single day?

Here comes Stupidity, Stubbornness, Blind Faith, Passion, Assistance, and Friends and Family to the alliance.

Stupidity and stubbornness keep our eyes on the ball and minimize the seduction and distraction coming from Resistance.

Blind Faith and Passion allow us to counter fear.

Assistance is the equal and opposite force to Resistance.

Keep doing the work; we generate the positive energy that can counter and subdue Resistance.

Friends and Family are why we do our important work this and whom we do it for?

Even the most difficult enemies can offer great lessons and attract powerful allies to our side.