The Middle

In the book, Do the Work, Steven Pressfield talks about the self-sabotage we do to ourselves and what to do to overcome that self-sabotage. Here are my reflections on the topic in the book.

All important or worthy effort can boil down to three acts: the beginning, the middle, and the end.

Pressfield encourages us to take three acts. Figure out the climax. Figure out how it needs to begin. Finally, figure out how to fill in the middle.

In the middle, there are so much of stuff that goes on. Keep these in mind as we fill the gap.

“Do Research Now”

When we began, we hit the ground and running. No research.

When filling in the gap, we can do some research but that is not the main work.

Do research early or late but do not stop working.

Research can easily turn into Resistance if we are not careful with it.

“Cover the Canvas”

When working on the drafts, get them done ASAP and suspend all self-judgment.

The priority is to get the draft done because the draft is not being graded.

Our inner critics have no place to be near when we are working on the drafts.

“Action and Reflection”

Pressfield suggests act and reflect, in that order.

When working on drafts, go light on reflection and go heavy on action.

When we do more action than reflection, ideas can take shape.

We need to figure out what our idea is and wants to be.

If an idea seems too crazy to work on, the answer is always yes. Yes means to go with the craziness.

That is because a work-in-progress generates its own energy pool, with the potential to turn Resistance into Assistance.

And, after that?

“Keep Working”