The Beast

In the book, Do the Work, Steven Pressfield talks about the self-sabotage we do to ourselves and what to do to overcome that self-sabotage. Here are my reflections on the topic in the book.

All important or worthy effort can boil down to three acts: the beginning, the middle, and the end.

While we are working away and rolling along, we inevitably hit the wall.

Imagine you are at the foot of the Great Wall, with nothing but your bare hands as you try to scale it.

Pressfield offers the following key considerations for getting to the other side.

Principle #1: There Is an Enemy.

Principle #2: This Enemy is Implacable.

Principle #3: This Enemy is Inside You.

Principle #4: This Enemy is Inside You, But It Is Not You.

Principle #5: The “Real You” Must Duel the “Resistance You.”

Principle #6: Resistance Arises Second.

Principle #7: The Opposite of Resistance Is Assistance.

Test #1: “How bad do you want it?”

Test #2: “Why do you want it?”

Only when you are committed and have no other choice except with love for the work and the will to finish, we stand a chance to get over the wall.