Seven Reasons You Might Fail

In the book, The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick), Seth Godin teaches us why we should always strive to be “the best in the world.” Here are my reflections on the topics discussed in the book.

Seth outlined the seven reasons why we fail on our way to becoming the best in the world (and quit in the Dip).

  1. We run out of time (and quit).
  2. We run out of money (and quit).
  3. We get scared (and quit).
  4. We are not serious about what we are doing (and quit).
  5. We lose interest or enthusiasm or settle for being mediocre (and quit).
  6. We focus on the short-term instead of the long haul (and quit when the short term gets too hard).
  7. We pick the wrong thing at which to be the best in the world (because we do not have the talent).

Of all the reasons above, the #7 is the one we tell ourselves the most frequently.

It is possible, but it is unlikely.

The question is, will we stop giving in to the Resistance and put our heads down to do the work necessary to get good at what we need to do?