Eight Dip Curves

In the book, The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick), Seth Godin teaches us why we should always strive to be “the best in the world.” Here are my reflections on the topics discussed in the book.

In the book, Seth identified eight types of Dip. These dips exist in many businesses and ventures.

  1. Manufacturing Dip
  2. Sales Dip
  3. Education Dip
  4. Risk Dip
  5. Relationship Dip
  6. Conceptual Dip
  7. Ego Dip
  8. Distribution Dip

Smart entrepreneurs pay attention and anticipate these dips.

When they see a dip curve is coming, they assess the situation and choose in advance to do one of the two things:

  1. Do whatever they need to power through the dip, or
  2. Quit early enough before reaching the curve and re-channel the energy/resource to another effort

Quitting in the middle or late stage of the dip usually means wasted effort and resources.