Quitting and Failing

In the book, The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick), Seth Godin teaches us why we should always strive to be “the best in the world.” Here are my reflections on the topics discussed in the book.

Society has taught us the concept of quitting, other than from bad habits, is for the undisciplined and weak-minded.

Society has shown us many examples of people who persisted and succeeded by not quitting.

We often equate the act of quitting with failure. When we quit, it means we have failed.

Except, when we quit for good reasons. If we stopped before reaching an incoming Cul-de-Sac or Cliff, we are being strategic about quitting.

When we quit for the right reasons, we put ourselves in a position to succeed in another thing that is more worth-a-while.

So, go ahead and quit the unwinnable path because you have not failed.

On another hand, persist through the dip – do not quit just because the heat/stress is making us very uncomfortable.

Quitting in the dip where you could have gotten through it, that is both a waste and a failure.