Sponsorship and Governance

In the book, Bare Bone Project Management: What you can’t not do, Bob Lewis explains the seven must-have elements for any project to have a chance of succeeding. Here are my takeaways on the topics discussed in the book.

For a project to have a chance of success, it must have the necessary sponsorship and governance.

More specifically, the project needs to have:

  1. A defined business outcome that would warrant the investment of time, people, and resources.
  2. A sponsorship from at least one business executive who
    1. Personally wants the project done and is willing to take risks on its behalf.
    2. Has the authority to commit time, people, and resources.
    3. Has the authority and willingness to decide what does the “project done” indicator looks like.
  3. All stakeholders have to agree on how to govern the project. The governance defines who has the authority to make decisions about the different parts of the project.