Understand the Project

In the book, Bare Bone Project Management: What you can’t not do, Bob Lewis explains the seven must-have elements for any project to have a chance of succeeding. Here are my takeaways on the topic discussed in the book.

One critical responsibility of project manager is to ensure members of the project team have the same understanding of the project.

Gaps in the understanding of the project cause people to make assumptions about it.

Different assumptions made by the project team members can often lead to conflicts, ineffectiveness, or, in many situations, loss of trust.

A project manager achieves a clear understanding of the project with these five elements.

  1. Objective: The defined business outcome that would warrant the investment of time, people, and resources. This is what “done” looks like.
  2. Context: Why the project makes sense, who are we doing this for, and what other projects or efforts it connects to.
  3. Goals: The specific business improvements or measurements that can tell us whether we are close to the objective.
  4. Scope: The project’s boundaries: What’s in and what’s out.
  5. Deliverables: The specific work products or output the project team is supposed to create.