Project Staffing

In the book, Bare Bone Project Management: What you can’t not do, Bob Lewis explains the seven must-have elements for any project to have a chance of succeeding. Here are my takeaways on the topic discussed in the book.

When it comes to project staffing, I like Bob’s advice.

Bob talks about the “we” vs. “they” mentality. We all have it as part of our basic human instincts.

To increase your odds of succeeding as a project manager, Bob recommends two tactics.

First, make sure everyone required for project success is part of “we.”

Second, make sure the project plan includes all tasks, and the majority of the “we” part of the project team perform those tasks.

Bob recommends the concept of having a core team and an extended team as follow:

The core team members perform the heavy lifting and are committed at least 50% to project tasks.

The extended team members are committed to the project with less time but do possess either special expertise or authority for certain tasks.

Set up the PACI (Performs, Approves, Consulted, and Informed) charts and keep as many tasks and decision within the “we” part of the team.