Planning the Work

In the book, Bare Bone Project Management: What you can’t not do, Bob Lewis explains the seven must-have elements for any project to have a chance of succeeding. Here are my takeaways on the topic discussed in the book.

When it comes to figuring out the project plan, Bob has the following recommendations.

First, break down the large tasks into smaller chunks. Good project managers are also good at outlining things. The project manager should avoid the temptation of figuring everything out on their own. Delegate the finer details of task creation and breakdown to the team members as appropriate.

Second, finish groups of tasks with milestones. Milestones are easily recognizable markers that show exactly whether the project is on track.

Third, be careful of using all the bells-and-whistles that come with the project management tools. The important things that a project plan should be how we are meeting the deadlines with the resource we have on hand.

Finally, build slacks in the project plan to handle the unforeseeable events. Scatter the contingency tasks throughout the project to act as a buffer for the unforeseeable and potential show-stoppers.