No Such Thing (as Writer’s Block)

In his podcast, Akimbo, Seth Godin teaches us how to adopt a posture of possibility, change the culture, and choose to make a difference. Here are my takeaways from the episode.

  • Writer’s block is a form of fear. The fear to get out of doing the work that
    • We seek to do all along
    • No one is telling us how to do it because it has never been done before
    • Has a big prize at the end because clients, audience, and partners are waiting for us to step up and deliver
  • Our problem is not that we do not have enough good ideas. Our problem may be that we do not have enough bad
  • The act of creating lousy work on our way to the good work is one way to unlock the myth of and get past the writer’s block.
  • David Mamet’s approach is to keep writing, keep showing up and putting the work on the table.
  • What we seek when we are afraid is a reassurance. Reassurance is futile – there can never be enough reassurance. You cannot rely on reassurance as it will surely disappoint you.
  • We need to learn to fly solo, to dig ditches, to execute a string of bad ideas, and eventually create insights to tell them apart from the good
  • Writer’s block is the Resistance. So, a creator’s job has two parts. One part is to see, learn, and to understand the world. The second part is to dance with the fear.
  • Resistance never goes away. The professional’s work is rarely easy, so don’t wait around and hoping to come up with that masterpiece in an instance.
  • One simple way to change our narrative is to replace the word “but” with the word “and.”
  • The sooner we can embrace the word “and,” we can get back to work. We now can move forward and create.
  • Buzzer management is another good habit of doing creative work. It is better off putting the right ideas into the world than it is hiding.
  • Instead of just doing it, shipping is merely doing it. Doing it without the commentary. Doing it without listening to the whining, the complains, and the maneuvering the Resistance is doing on the back-end.
  • We are professionals. Our profession is to create something that matters, to find a way to lead and connect. It is not a straight-forward or reliable like the factory work, but it is a lot better, more engaging, and fulfilling.
  • Merely ship it and merely arrive with the best that we got. It will not be perfect right out of the gate, but we can always make it better.
  • We merely have to create and be generous enough to show up and ship.