Declaring Victory

In the book, Bare Bone Project Management: What you can’t not do, Bob Lewis explains the seven must-have elements for any project to have a chance of succeeding. Here are my takeaways on the topic discussed in the book.

Bob Lewis talked about the 98% solution to the common causes of project “drift.”

It is also what Steven Pressfield called the Resistance, the fear of finding out whether it will work with the finish line in sight.

When the Resistance strikes the members of the project team, progress wanders, and everyone is waiting for others to take that next step.

The project manager can help by focusing each team member on their immediate task without drawing attention to the upcoming finish line.

1% is about not including the tasks required to put the project’s deliverables to productive use.

The last 1% is not knowing how to say, “Stop – we have finished.”

Finally, a project manager finishes and shuts down the project by:

  • Engaging the project sponsor in wrapping up.
  • Conducting the completion meeting and a celebration.
  • Delivering the post-project debriefing and archiving key project documents