Drucker on Knowing Our Strengths

In his book, The Essential Drucker: The Bestof Sixty Years of Peter Drucker’s Essential Writings on Management, PeterDrucker analyzed the ways that management practices and principles affect the performanceof organizations, individuals, and society. The book covers the basicprinciples of management and gives professionals the tools to perform the tasksthat the environment of tomorrow will require […]

This Is Marketing

In his podcast, Akimbo, Seth Godin teaches us how to adopt a posture of possibility, change the culture, and choose to make a difference. Here are my takeaways from the episode. The human society has had many revolutions. Four notable, recent revolutions are: The industrial revolution: With it, we now can make things with more […]


(從我的一個喜歡與尊敬的作家,賽斯 高汀) 你可以用你的一生去證明他人是錯的,但是那沒有什麼意義,這是一場打不贏的仗。 更有效的方法是去建立聯繫,去形成聯盟,以及在與你交往的人中出現最好的工作。 因為你不可能知道做為他人的感覺是如何,但其他人也不知道做你自已的感覺是怎樣。 這就是另一個原因為什麼我們該努力的去尋找他人好的一面。