Pressfield on Self Transformation

In his book, Turning Pro, Steven Pressfield teaches us how to navigate the passage from the amateur life to professional practice.

These are my takeaways from reading the book.

Before diving further into Steven Pressfield’s concepts of the amateur and turning pro, it is important to understand the thesis of the book. This book proposes a model of self-transformation.

This model of self-transformation describes the process of moving from the state of being an amateur to being a professional.

When we feel we are stuck and unable to move forward in life, it often has to do with us living as an amateur. The solution, this book suggests, is that we turn pro.

Turning pro is free, but it is not easy. Turning pro is first to change our minds. We change our minds and decide to move away from being an amateur to being a professional.

Turning pro is free, but it carries a cost. When we turn pro, we give up a lifestyle with which we have become extremely comfortable. We may have to give up a self-identity that we have come to call our own.

Turning pro is free, but it demands sacrifice. Turning pro will require some physical or mental labor. More importantly, it will require emotional labor. Being a pro means we carry on, even at times when we do not feel like doing any of it.

So what do we get when we turn pro? We find our power. We find our will, our voice, and our self-respect. We have given ourselves a chance to become who we always had wanted to become.