Pressfield on the Definition of Amateur

In his book, Turning Pro, Steven Pressfield teaches us how to navigate the passage from the amateur life to professional practice.

These are my takeaways from reading the book.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the professional is the amateur.

The amateur can be innocent, good-hearted, and well-intentioned.

The amateur can be brave, inventive, and resourceful.

The amateur has noble aspirations and dreams, and he is willing to pay the price to attain those aspirations and dreams.

The amateur seeks liberation and enlightenment. He is trying to learn to level up.

Just as importantly, the amateur is not, evil, crazy, deluded, or demented.

The amateur is all of us before we turn pro.

Pressfield asserted that the difference between an amateur and a professional is in their habits.

The human being is a creature of habit, so we can never free ourselves from habits. But we can replace the less-effective, amateur habits with the more-effective, professional habits.

We must trade in the addictive ineffectiveness of the amateur for the committed practice of the professional.