Pressfield on the Effects of Turning Pro

In his book, Turning Pro, Steven Pressfield teaches us how to navigate the passage from amateur life to professional practice.

These are my takeaways from reading the book.

Pressfield asserted that the main change between before and after turning pro is when we stop running.

Before turning pro, fears and Resistance dominated our life. When we decided to turn pro, we stop fleeing from our fears and turn around to face them.

All of us have that small voice inside our heads telling us what a better version of us could be. Some call that voice, passion, calling, or destiny.

We are also fear of making that voice a reality. We know the effort will not be easy. We will fail many times along the way. In the end, we might not even get to that end destination.

When we turn pro, we decided to listen to that voice and do something about it.

When we turn pro, everything becomes simple. When we were amateurs, we fill our days with distraction, drama, and busy work.

Now we focus our effort and plan our activities to accomplish an aim. Turning pro changes what we do and don’t do.

When we turn pro, it changes who we spend time with or stay away from. Turning pro also means we started to interact with a different set of people.

Those people who get what we are trying to do will cheer us on or even become friends. Those people who do not get what we are trying to do will try to talk us out of it or may even pull themselves away from us.

Pressfield said turning pro is a decision. After we turn pro, we are still the same person but how we go about the rest of our lives changed. Before turning pro, our narrative is that of fear, jealousy, and despair. After turning pro, we strip away our self-delusion and face our Resistance head-on by doing the work we should have been doing all along.

Finally, when we turn pro, our individual reality, humility, and shame all come together to forge the will we need to move forward.