Web Scraping of O’Reilly Velocity Conference 2019 San Jose Using R

SUMMARY: The purpose of this project is to practice web scraping by extracting specific pieces of information from a website. The web scraping R code leverages the rvest package. INTRODUCTION: The Velocity Conference covers the full range of skills, approaches, and technologies for building and managing large-scale, cloud-native systems. This web scraping script will automatically […]


(從我一個尊敬的作家,賽斯·高汀) 找到合適的客戶 贏得他們的關注和信任 找出問題所在 找出他們的恐懼,欣然接受他們的目標 用原型去發掘可能的解決方案 創建支持您解決問題的體系結構 建立最簡單並可行的解決方案 測試一下 編寫一個記錄良好,有彈性的代碼片段 再測試一下 調試它 出示它 我們很容易會被我們的專業或知識來認為,我們的工作僅僅只是堆棧中的一小部分。但這全部一切都是有相互聯繫。

Drucker on Managing Oneself, Part 3

In his book, Management Challenges for the 21st Century, Peter Drucker analyzed and discussed the new paradigms of management. Although much of the discussion revolves around the perspective of the organization, these are my takeaways on how we can apply his teaching on our journey of being a knowledge worker. For knowledge workers, understanding the […]

First Comes Carriage

In his Akimbo podcast, Seth Godin teaches us how to adopt a posture of possibility, change the culture, and choose to make a difference. Here are my takeaways from the episode. In this podcast, Seth discusses the importance of having and building carriage for shipping work to our audience. Carriage is the vehicle that can […]

Multi-Class Classification Model for Sensorless Drive Diagnosis Using R Take 2

Template Credit: Adapted from a template made available by Dr. Jason Brownlee of Machine Learning Mastery. SUMMARY: The purpose of this project is to construct a predictive model using various machine learning algorithms and to document the end-to-end steps using a template. The Sensorless Drive Diagnosis is a multi-class classification situation where we are trying […]