Seth Godin Akimbo: Operating Systems

In his Akimbo podcast, Seth Godin teaches us how to adopt a posture of possibility, change the culture, and choose to make a difference. Here are my takeaways from the episode. In this podcast, Seth discusses the purposes of an operating system and what we need to do to make it work for us. The […]


(從我一個尊敬的作家,賽斯·高汀) 一旦有競爭能力的人開始衡量某事,就有壓力使其變得更好。並且一旦達到最高水平,它就便是成最佳狀態。 但這也許不是真正的目標。 我們是否該考慮有無彈性? 也許我們可以更看重令人愉悅,無壓力,或是更可靠的事物。 最佳點最終是毫無色彩。它沒有任何餘地去包括其他的感覺,像喜悅。

Web Scraping of Machine Learning Mastery Blog Using Python and Selenium

SUMMARY: The purpose of this project is to practice web scraping by extracting specific pieces of information from a website. The Python web scraping code leverages the Selenium module. INTRODUCTION: Dr. Jason Brownlee’s Machine Learning Mastery hosts its tutorial lessons at The purpose of this exercise is to practice web scraping by gathering the […]