Seth Godin’s Akimbo: Difficult Conversations

In his Akimbo podcast, Seth Godin teaches us how to adopt a posture of possibility, change the culture, and choose to make a difference. Here are my takeaways from the episode. In this podcast, Seth discussed the art of having difficult conversations, how to have one, and how not to have one. We all dislike […]


(從我一個尊敬的作家,賽斯·高汀) 我們對時間的體驗總是朝著單一個方向發展。 它似乎在加速或減速,但是混亂與外界總是使事情從昨天移到明天。 鑑於沒有什麼事永遠都是一樣,倒退也不是一個選擇,我們唯一的選擇就是向前進。 人生一直都是這樣。一旦我們遇到那種事物,任何事物,環境將永遠不會恢復原狀。 但幸運的是,我們有機會能使事情變得更好,每天都有。

Algorithmic Trading Model for Exponential Moving Average Crossover Take 4

SUMMARY: The purpose of this project is to construct and test an algorithmic trading model and document the end-to-end steps using a template. INTRODUCTION: This algorithmic trading model uses the 20-day and 50-day exponential moving averages to generate trading signals. When the fast moving-average curve crosses above the slow moving-average curve, the strategy goes long […]

Kathy Sierra on Making Users Awesome, Part 10

In the book, Badass: Making Users Awesome, Kathy Sierra analyzed and discussed the new ways of thinking about designing and sustaining successful products and services. These are some of my takeaways from reading the book. In previous chapters, we learned from Kathy that we should our users train their brains to pay attention. Our minds […]