Scott Adams on Loserthink, Part 3

In the book, Loserthink: How Untrained Brains Are Ruining America, Scott Adams analyzed and discussed ways to teach us how to eliminate our biases and to sharpen our ability to think critically. These are some of my favorite quotes and takeaways from reading the book. How can we minimize our tendency for Loserthink by thinking […]


(從我一個尊敬的作家,賽斯·高汀) 挑剔的人具有一致的偏好和標準。 刁難的人會經常改變自己的喜好,並且常常是根據誰在他們面前或他們當時所處的心情來做出改變。 很容易看的出哪一種是可能變化成更好的客戶或同事。