Scott Adams on Loserthink, Part 2

In the book, Loserthink: How Untrained Brains Are Ruining America, Scott Adams analyzed and discussed ways to teach us how to eliminate our biases and to sharpen our ability to think critically.

These are some of my favorite quotes and takeaways from reading the book.

So, how can we minimize our tendency for Loserthink by thinking like a psychologist?

What to watch out for: The Mind Reading Illusion.

“If our opinion depends on reliably knowing another person’s inner thoughts, we might be experiencing Loserthink.”

“If an ordinary explanation fits the facts, but we have chosen an extraordinary interpretation instead, we might have too much confidence in our opinion.”

What to watch out for: Branding People Evil

“If we think we can gaze into the soul of a stranger and see evil, we might be experiencing a Loserthink hallucination.”

What to watch out for: Occam’s Razor

“In science, the simplest explanation that fits the facts is preferred. In life, we are all under the illusion that our explanations of things are the simplest one.”

What to watch out for: Projection

“Psychological projection is a real phenomenon, but if we think untrained people can identify it in strangers, we might be experiencing Loserthink.”

What to watch out for: The Ego Problem

“When we are fit, we will feel more confident in any situation.”

“Effectiveness is more important than ego.”

“If we think ego is who we are, as opposed to a tool we can dial up and down as needed, we might be experiencing Loserthink.”

“Put ourselves in potentially embarrassing situations on a regular basis for practice. If we get embarrassed as planned, watch one year later we are still alive. Maybe we even have a funny story because of it.”

“Note how other people’s embarrassments mean little to us when we are an observe. That is how much our embarrassments mean to them: nothing.”

What to watch out for: Focusing on What is Wrong

“If we cannot think of anything good about a situation, and yet we observe that other can, we might experiencing Loserthink.”

“If we allow our mental shelf space to fill up with negative thoughts, we are punishing ourselves with an unhealthy form of Loserthink.”