Kathy Sierra on Making Users Awesome, Part 1

In the book, Badass: Making Users Awesome, Kathy Sierra analyzed and discussed the new ways of thinking about designing and sustaining successful products and services. These are some of my takeaways from reading the book. Imagine we are in a game with one objective: producing a bestselling product or service with no marketing budget and […]

Math of Success, Part 2

Scott Adams introduced the notion of acquiring multiple skills to enhance our chance at succeed in something. In his book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big, Adams talked about the math of success. Adams believes the best way to increase your odds of success is to systematically become good at the […]

Change Management Process Design – Part 2

This post is part two of a series where we discuss the ITIL-based Change Management process and how to put one together. In the previous post, I presented some design considerations such as goal/purpose; the intended scope; and roles and responsibilities. In this follow-up post, I will discuss additional process governance and planning elements. Categorization […]

Change Management Process Design – Part 1

This is the first post of a series where we do the tutorial and some deep-dive of an ITIL-based change management (CHM) process design. In the next few posts, we will go over some of the process design considerations such as the goal/purpose; the intended scope; roles and responsibilities; RFC categorization and prioritization; scheduling; integration; […]