One of Many Ways for Showing Employee Appreciation

Disclaimer: The views expressed here reflect only my personal views and are not the views of my employer

Now we have that out of the way…

This morning, the senior management team at work showed their appreciation for their employees by serving breakfasts at employees’ desks. The executives were all wearing aprons and pushing the breakfast carts all over the office suite, serving breakfasts from cube to cube. The warm greetings and laughers brightened up the usual quiet and sometimes mundane mid-week office atmosphere. Different executives and their carts traveled the same route several times, making sure everyone is covered and re-filling the coffee and juice.

There are many ways of showing appreciation for the employees’ work, and I thought this one was particular well done. Often appreciation is heartfelt not so much by how it was expressed but by the fact that it was carried out. Like many companies, the reality of work load and project pressure becomes front-and-center once again once the breakfast is over. In any case, I believe the executive team did this because they genuinely wanted to show how much they appreciate everyone’s work.

In my opinion, this was an informal but a solid demonstration of servant leadership. Always good to see when a senior management team really tries to lead by example. When it comes to the acts of generosity or do-right-ness, I believe it is often the intention and the effort that count the most. Kudos to the executives for walking the talk.

p.s. Extra shout-out and kudos to the support team who helped the executives in making it all possible. Dana and Charmaine, you are the best!!!