Fresh Links Sundae – April 6, 2014 Edition Links Sundae encapsulates information I have come across during the past week. Often they are from the people whose work I admire or resonate with me. I hope you will find these ideas thought-provoking at the minimum. Even better, I hope these ideas will, over time, help my fellow IT pros make better decisions, be awesome, and kick ass!

Many IT organizations have change management that is so bureaucratic and slow that it becomes unpopular with the business. Stuart Rance explains what the purposes of change management are and the steps that can be taken to do it more effectively. What Is Change Management For? (SysAid Blog) Stuart Rance

Business-IT engagement is a process through which business and IT stakeholders collaborate to create business values. Vaughan Merlyn explains how IT can improve its working relationship with business with his 3-level engagement model. The Disciplines of Business-IT Engagement (IT Organization Circa 2017)

Many organizations are considering or experimenting with big data initiatives. Tom Davenport outlines some key elements he has observed that make the initiative a success. What Makes Big Data Projects Succeed (Harvard Business Review)

A lot of companies are reorganizing themselves in push forward Big Data initiatives. Pearl Zhu compares and contrasts various approaches and paths for doing Big Data & analytics. Push or Pull: Which Way is Best to Do Big Data & Analytics? (Future of CIO)

Audit controls can be effective when applied to retrospective financial reporting, but they have shown losing effectiveness when dealing with today’s dynamic, fast-changing world. Brian Barnier believes we can make the controls more effective with business-objective-oriented management practices. Why didn’t the dog bark? (ISACA Now)

Denise Brosseu describes an amplifier as someone who curates, highlights and even shines the spotlight on the best ideas for the benefit of those around them. She talks about the benefits of being an amplifier and recommends the ways of becoming one. Are You An Amplifier? (Chic CEO)

In today’s competitive world, top executives recognize the need that leaders need to develop other leaders within the organization. Marshall Goldsmith and Kelly Goldsmith talk about six behaviors roadblocks leaders should consider when helping other leaders reach their goals. Helping People Achieve Their Goals (Marshall Goldsmith Personal Blog)

After delivering hundreds of live presentations in public, David Meerman Scott recommends the following 10 tips for anyone who wants to get better at public speaking. More top ten tips for incredibly successful public speaking (Web Ink Now)

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Microsoft has made a free Microsoft SQL Server 2014 eBook by Ross Mistry and Stacia Misner available for download. Free eBook: Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (MSDN Blogs)